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Order Anything You Need!

Order Anything You Need!

On-Demand Delivery!
(Only On Items that are not listed on IewOnline site)

Service Available Only in Nongpoh Region

Maximum Items Limit: 7-10 items

Order Processing Time:
60 to 90 minutes approximately

Conditions: Items available in and around Nongpoh Market Only

Return/Refund Policy: None

How it Works:
1. Once we receive a list of Items and Shop/Restaurant Name from you;
2. We'll place an order on behalf of you from the mentioned Shop/Restaurant;
3. Once the Order is ready, we'll pick up the items along with the Shop/Restaurant's original bill;
4. Boom! We're at your doorstep;
5. You pay the Shop/Restaurant bill amount + IewOnline's delivery charges;
6. You check the items and the Order will be complete;

*Prohibited Items: Alcohol & Nicotine Products

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Order Anything You Need!
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